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Strawberries for shortcake recipe

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Strawberries for a shortcake recipe

Strawberries for shortcake recipe

In the season when the strawberries ripen, you should definitely take this opportunity and prepare a delicious and fragrant shortcake with strawberries. Loose pastry in combination with strawberry filling in the sour cream filling will surely appeal to lovers of sweet cakes!

You can enjoy such a pie during a family tea party, or you can safely treat guests to it.

Strawberry Shortcake Ingredients

For the test

Sugar: 100 g
Wheat flour: 350 g
Chicken eggs: 2 pcs.
Butter: 200 g
Baking powder: 1 tsp

For filling

Strawberries:150-200 g
Sugar:100 g
Chicken eggs: 2 pcs.
Potato starch: 2  tbsp. 
Sour cream: 1 tbsp.

Strawberries for a shortcake recipe

  • In a large bowl, mix lightly softened butter and sugar, which is intended for the test. Crush well with a fork.
  • Add wheat flour mixed with baking powder. Rub the dough with your hands until it turns into soft fatty crumbs.
  • Add 2 eggs. Mix with your hands and make a ball.
  • In another bowl, prepare the fill for the pie.
  • To do this, mix the remaining eggs, sugar, starch and sour cream
  • Beat the whisk fill. All components must mix well with each other.
  • Distribute the dough in a greased form, making the sides equal to the height of the form itself.
  • Put the washed strawberries on the dough.

The number of strawberries can be adjusted. But you need to remember that if you put more strawberries, fillings need to be done a little less. Otherwise, the filling will not fit in the form.

Pour sour cream over the cake.

Now Bake it in the oven to 180ºC for 25-30 minutes.

If you take the shape of a small diameter, then the baking time should be increased.

The readiness of the pie should be monitored by the state of the test since the filling remains liquids. It hardens when the cake cools.

The pie should be cooled for several hours until the filling is thickened.

The cake is ready, you can cut it into pieces and treat yourself!

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