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What healthy food to eat for our bodies?

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What healthy food to eat for our bodies?

One cannot take the nutrients he needs by weighing or taking them as medicines. How boring would it be if something like this happened, right? Why is that; because as we meet our nutritional needs in food, we enjoy it. Therefore we all should know what healthy food to eat. However, how hard we try to prepare the cakes and pastries that we finished in two or three minutes. Here are the different types and amounts of these nutrients.

What health food to eat

Some foods are rich in protein, some are rich in any vitamin. But it is also a fact that we are not always able to eat every food. For this reason, we can collect our foods under 4 groups.

The foods in these groups keep each other. In our daily diet, there is a nutrient from each group, and if their amounts meet our needs, we will be fed with adequate and balanced nutrition:

1 - The group containing meat, chicken, fish, offal, egg, chickpeas, beans, lentils and products made from these foods; It is rich in protein, B vitamins and iron. It is ideal to take 2 servings a day from these foods. (Two eggs; four tablespoons of legumes or eight tablespoons of vegetables with meat is a serving.)

2 - Potato, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, artichoke, beet, zucchini, tomato, cucumber, pepper, green leafy vegetable, carrot and all kinds of fruits are especially rich in vitamin C. It is ideal to take 3-4 servings from this group. (One of the medium-sized fruits such as oranges, pears, alma, bananas; half a glass of the ones like apricots and plums; half a glass of strawberries and cherries; when green vegetables are chopped. The amount that fills 2-3 cups; a medium-sized potato; a small carrot; a small green pumpkin is a serving.) If possible, a portion of our daily need is from green leafy vegetables; one of them should be citrus or tomato.

3 - The group consisting of milk, yogurt, cheese, curd, and milk-made desserts; It is rich in protein, calcium and some vitamins. 1-2 servings should be taken daily. (One large glass of milk or yogurt; two matchbox-sized kinds of cheese; one small bowl of custard or rice pudding is a serving.) Foods in this group are particularly important for growing.

4 - Desserts made from bread, pasta, noodle, rice, bulgur, couscous pastries, flour and semolina; are our main energy sources. While eating 3-6 slices of bread a day, a total of 1 portion should be taken from the others. (3-5 tablespoons of rice or pasta; 3-4 wipes tablespoons of semolina halva; 5-6 bite-desserts; 3-4 puff pastry; Slice of tray pastry is counted as one serving.) People with more daily activities should take less than the foods in this group and those who are overweight or less physical.

Fat, sugar, tomato paste and spices, which are outside these groups, but which we use quite a lot, should also be taken in certain sizes. Using more than just sugar that provides energy to the body leads to an unbalanced diet. The amount of fat we need to take daily is 20-30 grams, ie 2-3 wipes tablespoons. Half of these amounts should be taken from solid and half from vegetable oils.

It should not be overlooked that the groups listed above are determined after long researches. Foods in each group have a different place for our bodies. Not getting more than any group and little or no from other groups is the harbinger of unbalanced nutrition.

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