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Healthy Food for Kids

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Healthy Food for Kids

All parents are aware of the importance of proper nutrition. A balanced diet should include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals found in meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, cereals and other foods.

But how to explain to the child that, for example, a glass of kefir will do more good than sweet soda?

This question is not easy to answer, but there are some tips that can help to accustom a child to healthy and wholesome food from an early age.

Personal example

A child is more easily accustomed to a healthy diet when the parents themselves eat right. It is important to show by personal example that healthy food is delicious. To do this, parents should eat with appetite and pleasure dishes from vegetables, fruits and other healthy products.

It is necessary to exclude junk food from your diet, and it is not worthwhile to “eat up” prohibited foods secretly from children - if a lie is revealed, you can lose the child’s confidence.
Positive attitude

It is important to form a positive attitude towards dishes in the child’s mind. Do not promise a tasty treat after the baby eats soup.
Otherwise, the child will begin to associate the main food with an unpleasant taste. That is how the opinion is formed that the healthy cannot be tasty and vice versa.

Interest in new

No need to be upset if the child did not like the new food. In such cases, you should periodically offer to try a new product again.
Studies have shown that children need 6-10 samples of the same product so that the child determines taste preferences.

Another rule - you can not offer the child more than one new product for a meal.

Pleasant associations

A child will never want to sit something that he does not like externally. Therefore, parents will have to work hard to give the dishes an interesting and colorful look.
You can persuade the child to try and eat food by laying out a drawing on a plate from the food.

Vegetables and fruits will not hurt to give an unusual shape, for example, stars, hearts or animals.

A worthy replacement

Everyone knows how children love products with flavor enhancers and flavors. This is because these additives can give a pronounced flavor to food. To show the child that healthy food can be no less tasty, you need to combine natural products in the cooking process that enhance each other's taste.

You can cook, for example, puffs with brackish dough and sweet cream.

Delicious sauces will also come to the rescue in such situations.
Accustoming a child to healthy food never needs to act through deception. It’s better not to mask healthy foods among other foods.
After all, the task is not only to feed the baby healthy food today - it is important to instill a love of proper food. Then in the future, the child will make an informed choice in favor of a healthy diet.

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