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Healthy food for heart

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Healthy food for heart

Healthy food for the heart

In order for the heart to work like a clock, giving up bad habits and daily physical activity is not always enough. An unhealthy diet harms the heart. That's why Each person should know healthy food for his/her heart and its functionality.

For example, a large amount of fatty meat and dairy products in the diet can lead to increased formation of "bad" cholesterol, which is deposited in the vessels. And leads to the development of cardiovascular disease. Do not forget about margarine and butter substitutes - spreads, which include trans fats that negatively affect the whole body, not excluding the heart.

And in fast-food - french fries, donuts and chips - from “normal” fats and trans fats, you get a cocktail that can put the most healthy body on the shoulder.

A complete diet rich in vitamins, especially A, C, E and B, minerals and fiber, significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. But there are products that experts consider to be true “nutrition for the heart. ”

Healthy food for heart: Oil

The king of salads is olive oil. Its soft and unobtrusive taste perfectly complements dishes from almost any product. Fans of olive oil receive not only an exquisite dish but also an excellent tool for maintaining the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.

Olive oil contains a large amount of essential fatty acids that help the body fight excess cholesterol. In addition, olive oil also contains natural antioxidants - fat-soluble vitamins A and E, which protect the heart muscle from free radicals.

It is known that residents of the Mediterranean region, who, like all Europeans, have a genetic predisposition to the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels, die from heart attacks less often than their continental neighbors. And scientists seriously associate this with the fact that dishes prepared using olive oil predominate in the diet of the Mediterranean population.

Healthy food for heart: Fish

If fatty meat and fat are contraindicated in the heart, then fatty fish is just the opposite. For example, salmon and trout are some of the best sources of essential fatty acids.

Researchers believe that two to three fish dishes per week will help reduce the risk of a heart attack by a third. Even sardines or herring from a jar will bring much more benefit than a piece of fatty pork.

True, fish lovers should not forget that a well-salted roach, but for beer, will not bring any benefit to the heart. Quite the contrary - salt will retain water in the tissues, load the kidneys and contribute to an increase in blood pressure.

Healthy food for heart: Nuts

Some nuts involve fatty acids that are necessary for normal heart function. Most of them are in ordinary walnuts, pine nuts and almonds. Peanuts are also useful, but in their pure form, and not processed into viscous peanut butter. In addition, nuts have protein and fiber, and they perfectly satisfy hunger. No less useful for the heart is another source of unsaturated fatty acids - sunflower seeds.

True, do not forget that excessive passion for nuts can ruin the figure because they are very high in calories. In addition, some varieties of nuts, for example, Brazilian, in large quantities can cause heartburn and digestive upsets. Therefore, experts suggest adding seeds and nuts to salads and other dishes - it is easier to control what and how much is consumed.

Healthy food for heart: Fruits and Berries

Here, for example, cherries and her sister cherries. These berries are rich in glucose, which nourishes the heart muscle, and pectins, which remove excess cholesterol from the body. In addition, coumarin is contained in cherries and cherries, which prevents the formation of blood clots. Moreover, unlike the dosage form, cherry coumarin cannot overdose.

How to keep vitamins when cooking

Most vitamins are found in raw foods, but they cannot always be consumed in this form. We talk about cooking and storage techniques.

Protect the heart from the cholesterol and helps apricots - dried apricots. These dried fruits are very rich in potassium and natural antioxidants, helping to protect the heart and blood vessels from free radicals. Doctors believe that a couple of handfuls of dried apricots per day can protect a person even from a repeated heart attack.

Not at all exotic apples can also feed the heart. They have a lot of glucose, vitamins C and group B. And also minerals that nourish the heart muscle.

Other berries that are quite familiar to the heart are also useful: cranberries and blueberries. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and also fight excess cholesterol. In addition, cranberries also improve memory, and blueberries have a beneficial effect on vision.

Healthy food for heart: Oatmeal

A traditional English breakfast not only allows you to survive hunger pangs before dinner. In oats and oatmeal, there is a lot of fiber that helps to remove cholesterol from the body. In addition, oats contain natural flavonoids and potassium, which nourish the heart muscle.

It is better to choose not "instant" oatmeal, which is full of preservatives and sugar but to cook the good old coarsely crushed.

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