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All healthy food with fat

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healthy food with fat

We are societies that love healthy food with fat in nutrition. However, it contains many health problems, including saturated fatty acids and butter, margarine, fatty meats, milk and dairy products, especially vascular occlusion and heart diseases.

Avocado as a healthy food with fat


You can add it to your sandwich and eat it as a crush with onions and tomatoes. Avocado, a delicious vegetable, is beneficial for your heart health thanks to its healthy oils and helps prevent joint inflammation. When you consume avocados, this vegetable provides more absorption of nutrients in the foods you eat. Half of a medium avocado contains 115-160 calories.

The fish as a healthy food with fat

fish healthy food with fat

Naturally oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, trout, sardines and tuna are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These oils are 'good' oils that help protect your heart's health. They also ensure that intelligence keeps its sharpness especially as the age gets older. The American Heart Foundation recommends eating at least two meals of fatty fish a week. Each serving should be about 85 grams. For your health, I suggest you try baked, grilled or boiled fish.

Oily seeds as a healthy food with fat

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are the foods that show their effect very quickly. They contain good fats that lower cholesterol. In general, vegetable oils are much healthier than animal oils. 'Bad' fats are fats found in meat, whole milk products and some packaged ready foods. Examine the labels on the packaging to find out how much food contains what type of fat. Use a limited amount of saturated fats and avoid consuming trans fats.

Olive oil as a healthy food with fat

Try using olive oil at dinner and salad. Olive oil is rich in good oils. However, be careful of the amount you consume, even if you eat good fat. So always cook with less oil than the amount specified in the recipe or use olive oil in the form of a spray. You can use apple puree instead of cutting half of the oil in the oven meals to reduce the amount of fat.

Vegetables as a healthy food with fat

vegetables as healthy food with fat

Dark green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and Brussels sprouts contain some omega 3. Since our bodies cannot produce good fats, we need to get them from nutrients. So aim to eat half a kilo or 750 grams of vegetables every day. Do not forget to add fish to your diet as there is a different omega 3 you need in the fish. Plants contain much less of the omega 3 fish provided.

Nuts as a healthy food with fat

From nuts to pecan, which is also called pica, all nuts are useful for your heart health. In particular, walnuts contain essential oils to the heart. But you should not overdo it when consuming. The usefulness of these oils does not mean that you can eat as many walnuts as you wish. One serving is about 28 grams, which makes 7 walnuts, 24 almonds, 35 peanuts, 18 cashews or 15 half American walnuts.

Healthy Foods with Omega 3

There are also foods with omega 3 added to make them healthier. For example, you can find breakfast such as milk, eggs, bread, cereal flakes enriched with omega 3. Do not forget to check the product labels at this time. Eating stronger products with the addition of Omega 3 is a much healthier method than taking food supplements.

Beans as a healthy food with fat

Adding kidney beans, red beans, spirits or soybeans to your diet is beneficial for your mental and physical health. The beans contain omega 3, which improves your mood.

Egg as a healthy food with fat

Eggs are a very good and inexpensive source of protein. A large egg contains under 5 grams of healthy fat.

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